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341 Meeting Delaware Bankruptcy


341 Meeting Delaware Bankruptcy "A debtor's involvement with the bankruptcy judge is usually very limited. A typical chapter 7 or 13 debtor will not appear in court and will not see the bankruptcy judge unless an objection is raised in the case.  Usually, the only formal proceeding at which a debtor must appear [...]

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Discharge Student Loan in Bankruptcy


How do you discharge a student loan in bankruptcy? According to a student loan bankruptcy study conducted by Jason Iuliano, a Princeton political science Ph.D. candidate who has a degree from Harvard Law School, nearly 40% (4 out of 10) of debtors who request student loan discharge in bankruptcy is approved in a court of [...]

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Exempt Property In Bankruptcy


Exempt Property In Bankruptcy - Delaware Code Delaware law is difficult for a layman to read but basically you may keep $125,000 equity in your home, $15,000 for a vehicle you use for work, and $25,000 of personal property which could include cash in a checking account. In addition to this retirement accounts, [...]

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Delaware Bankruptcy Dos and Don’ts


Delaware Bankruptcy Dos and Don'ts Don't replace unsecured debt (credit cards, utility or medical bills) with secured debt (home equity loans). Most people try desperately to avoid bankruptcy however, if you can't pay your unsecured bills you won't be able to pay your secured bills. If you use your home to secure bills [...]

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